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Nimz Chana


I love living in the moment and experiencing it fully. This is important to me. So when I think about why I love being a wedding photographer, I know it is because I want couples and families to live in some of the most important moments they will have and experience them fully. My role is to capture and preserve these moments for them to relive time and time again.


I started my photography journey covering catwalk shows and learnt to appreciate quickly the importance of patience and quick reactions. Soon after I began club photography were I loved experimenting with low light and off camera flash. My first wedding came when a friend entrusted me with capturing his special day which allowed me to marry my photography strengths.


You will therefore find a range of images in my galleries from candid shots to stylised portraits, from outfit details to raw emotion. My calm and friendly demeanour makes it easy for me to make a connection with my clients that lasts well beyond their wedding day.

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Baldeep Kaur


I am captivated by people, cultures and traditions. Weddings unite people and allow cultures to be expressed through their unique traditions. No two weddings are the same because we as people are so different that no shared culture and tradition could ever play out in the same way.


I am a teacher, a teacher of Religious Studies and Psychology to be specific, and as a teacher I don’t switch off. I find myself constantly cataloguing what I see in the world and trying to make sense of it and photography is my small contribution to preserving it.


My focus is on families and providing a keepsake of what is important to them.

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